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The rekari platform enables teams to share and collaborate on drone missions. No matter if you are an organisation or a group of volunteers.
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All comes down to our app

From planning the mission to analyzing the data, our app is the only tool you need to get the job done. Your team gets support for all steps necessary to complete a successful action. Particularly realtime collaboration is a key feature of our app.
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Direct communication with your drone

We developed a custom drone which reduces complexity to an absolute minimum. Without additional hardware you can connect to your drone directly from your phone. From ground up we build our platform with rich compatibility in mind. On this basis, drones such as those from DJI can also be used.
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Rekari is for the team


Plan mission

Our specialised algorithm helps your team planning the entire mission in advance.

Get realtime data

See where your team is. Directly from your smartphone.

Collaborate on results

The Rekari-App displays results to all participants as soon as they become available.
Fire fighters
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How we can help you

Fire fighters

Your organisation utilizes drones but struggles communicating coordinates via radio?

Fawn rescue

You find fawns using a thermal camera but waste effective flight time locating the deer?

Scheduled maintenance

You are flying a drone frequently over the same area but have no way of consistently tracking results?

People search

Your organisation is searching for people in a large area but is unable to connect multiple drones with your team?

About us

jufo project
We are Tim Arnold and Felix von Ludowig. Together we had the idea of developing a drone from scratch. Our interests are broadly based on the use of modern technologies. This project began as a "Jugend forscht" participation in 2022 and later developed to a complete platform solution. But we are also testing other areas of application for specialized drones.

Our partners


Rohde & Schwarz

Our partner Rohde & Schwarz helped us to find errors quickly by providing a quality oscilloscope. Due to the many possibilities of analysis, we were able to quickly read out our data buses. We were also very pleased that after the project the oscilloscope was available to a larger group of young people interested in technology. Many thanks to the Rohde & Schwarz team.


The company productware as our partner made it possible for us to have the flight controllers assembled quickly and uncomplicated with excellent quality. productware has managed to check the components we use for availability and life cycle and procured them. Their competent team made it possible for us to test our prototype quickly. Many thanks to the productware team.


Despite the hopeless delivery situation, "STMicroelectronics" was able to give us a quick delivery date for components and evaluation boards for our upcoming prototype. These are not only documented more extensively than the competition's counterparts, but also much more precisely. From the initial contact through to delivery, we are very enthusiastic about the service that is offered at "STMicroelectronics". Many thanks to the team for providing the components.

Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor allowed us to start experimenting with wireless trackers to improve over gps accuracy. While specifications for modern protocols are very complex, their well documented development kits and intuitive software tools made it easy to get started. We are very grateful for the support and the opportunity to work with their hardware. A big thank you to the Nordic Semiconductor team for their contribution of components.
nordic semiconductors


With u-blox we had a strong partner at our side. With their industry-leading sensors, we were able to accurately and reliably establish communication and determine the current coordinates of the drone. Thanks to u-blox, we were able to locate the drone with an accuracy of up to one meter. We couldn't have made a better choice than the u-blox sensors. Many thanks to our partner u-blox for providing the components.